Colin – our newest rescue

2015-05-22 23.56.10


2015-05-17 13.36.51-1


Sweet Mini-Rex boy.  His age is unknown but seems to be pretty young.  He’s an active, playful guy.  We’ll know about him after his neuter as we prepare him for adoption.




2015-05-17 13.38.18


Frannie ADOPTED!

2015-05-12 20.14.38-2 2015-05-12 20.14.39 2015-05-12 20.14.39-1 2015-05-12 20.14.41 2015-05-13 10.01.16


Our beautiful girl was adopted!  She will live a cage-free, free range life in a high rise in Chicago.  Happy new home, Frannie!


2015-04-28 12.40.10



2015-04-28 12.40.44


Arthur is a hoot!  He’s a new bunny that was neutered last Wednesday.  He’s big guy almost 10 lbs!  He’s a rare breed – Velveteen Lop.  He has the velvety fur of a Rex and the ears of an English Lop.  He is super playful and attention seeking.  His foster person is in love with him.  He just might stay 🙂

Meet Puff!


Puff is a five year old bunny that lived outside



He is blind due to juvenile cataracts.  He’s a sweet, quiet guy that loves snuggles.

We took him in a few weeks ago when his person no longer wanted him.  He had been a 4H project for her daughter years ago.

He is now neutered and happily enjoying life indoors.