2015-03-01 12.40.55 HDR

2015-03-01 12.41.28

Our newest rescue to date is Frannie! She came to us via a dog rescue that asked us to help with her. She is a delightful bunny! They said that her history was that she was very litter box trained and used to enjoy free range in her home. They had to give her up because of moving. She is spayed now, very healthy and ready for adoption.

She is a very playful, active bunny. We give her a lot of play time, which she enjoys, and we haven’t seen a lot of chewing at all, which is nice. She is very social and enjoys a lot of interaction and attention. She will make one fine companion to any home. She has long eyelashes that give her a real “doe” like look.  She has the Lionhead fringe behind her ears, but is bigger (longer) then a pure Lionhead. Plus one ear lops down.  So we suspect she is a lop/Lionhead/English Spot mix.


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