Maria #1149
Wednesday we had to say goodbye to our sanctuary rabbit, Maria. She endured two surgeries for infected tooth roots. Just three months later the whole right side of her face and behind her eye was infection. Abscess in her third eye lid on the right – lots of little pockets of pus and little abscesses. The left side (where there was teeth) was spurs and lesions on her tongue and cheek. The teeth didn’t line up at all. She was eating a ton and still lost a pound since July. She seemed weak and so thin and miserable. The right eye leaked so much and she drooled so much that she was wet from her face, down her chest, her front legs and paws and around her neck. I was blotting it everyday with thick towels. I think we’ve done all we could for her. I sure will miss her. She was a brave little soul.


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